How Recharge And Get Paid Work; Making money via VTU and Data subscriptions on all Network In Nigeria

Recharge And Get Paid In Nigeria. Making money via VTU and Data subscriptions on all Network In Nigeria.

Recharge and get paid is a business where you earn on every recharge you do.
There are different categories of registrations;

Basic: N5,000– N1,000 earned instantly
Bronze: N10,000 –N2,000 earned instantly
Silver: N20,000 -N4,000 earned instantly
Gold: N30,000 -N6,000 earned instantly
Diamond:N40,000 -N8,000 earned instantly
Platinium:N50,000 -N10,000 earned instantly

The business has two aspects; The VTU and The REFFERAL MARKETING aspect.
1. The VTU Part;
Virtual Top Up (VTU) facilitates mobile phone-based prepaid airtime vending. The VTU technology enables prepaid mobile phone users to purchase additional airtime, data, pay DSTV, GOTV, STARTIMES subscription. It is simple, secure and convenient through the distribution of airtime value from RAGP registered members cell phone to that of the customer, as opposed to through the use of a voucher (paper recharge). These business generate income for RAGP member.
RAGP is actually a platform that gives you access to recharge your phone directly through VTU be it Mtn, Glo, eltisalat or airtel, same thing with data, Dstv, Gotv, Star times and soon they are working towards including WAEC, NECO, JAMB registration and NEPA Bills.

You get paid
– When you recharge your phone using the platform as a registered member
– When you recharge for your family and friends

If you decide to use it as a means of selling card you get 2% commission on any card sold and 10% of data sold or used by you. You can also do all the cable tv subscriptions for people and make profit.

  1. The Referral Marketing;

How does the referral marketing works? Here’s how

  • As people continue to join the business, you will continue to get commission
  • As those that join continue to recharge their phones, you will continue to get commission
  • As those that join continue to buy data, you will continue to get commission
  • As those that join you, people continue to join them, you will continue to get commission

You could make up to N350,000 to N3.4m monthly building a team of distributors in this business

The matrix is a 3*10 matrix. Meaning we grow in multiples of 3. And you earn on all your downlines recharge. There’s also leadership bonus and incentives to be earned as platinuim member. You can start from any stage and upgrade to platinium

But the sweetest part of the business is you can use what you earn to buy airtime, data and your subscription and still get paid
2%- for airtime and
10%- for data subscription.
You can also withdraw all your earnings to your bank account directly everyday meaning that the company pays on daily basis.

In our world today, almost everyone has a phone, use airtime, subscribe to data and when we do all that we don’t get paid…
Recharge and get paid has brought an end to all of that.

If you are still a prospect do well and get on board today to save money and time

1) Instant Registration Bonus 20%.
2) Instant Referral Bonus 20%.
3) Instant Indirect Referral Bonus 10%-1%.
4) Leadership Bonus N100,000/Airtime
5) Trip to Dubai Worth N500,000 (you can get the cash)
6) Car Worth N2,000,000
7) House Fund Worth N3,000,000
8) VTU bonus from downlines recharge).

 If you want to register, first of all choose the package that you want and make payment to the company’s account because you will need the Teller number or Transaction id( bank transfer) to complete your registration

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